An erotic massage offers you the best of both worlds. It is a playful connection of sexuality with spirituality, as well as a physical relaxation of your body. Therefore, it is not a regular massage. The whole process should be under control of a professional, who is positive, certified and ready to contribute to your pleasure. If you are polite and accepting the rules of the salon, you will feel like a king or queen. Before you look through available programmes, think about your needs. Maybe it will be your first time in tantric salon, so you want to choose a classic tantra. The choice is about duration of the massage- it depends on your wish, possibly you want 45 minutes or 1 hour of pleasure.

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Other programmes can take even more time. The beginners should be interested in couple tantra as well. It is a great way to approach tantra to try something fresh and unknown together. Other programmes are suitable for clients that love excitement. The most interesting is a secret dark tantra. Information about it will be given to you only by your masseuse. Euphoric massage is for example for male clients, who will be massaged by the masseur. If you are looking for the raunchy alternative, you could certainly try double programmes, mutual body programmes or sensual massage.

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They are done with passion that can end up with multiple orgasmic experience, especially in sensual and magic programme. Your intimate parts will be massaged as well. In mutual tantric massages you are not a passive element, you use your body more actively. The special part of massage is about gifts you will receive. A romantic bubble bath, champagne, chocolate fondue with fruit or gift in the end. When you will decide which erotic massage Bratislavatantra salon you should pick, you will eventually choose a masseuse or masseur you liked at first sight. During this process you make a reservation itself. It will take only 1-2 minutes. Do not forget to write in advance. You can write a review of your sensual experience.